Memorabilia is an online database of objects and paintings, representing a virtual gallery for all those interested in the development of luxury and fashion in South-Eastern Europe. The images were gathered by LuxFaSS team members during their research and refer to the following type of sources: iconography (paintings, engravings, lithographs, votive paintings, press); archival documents; objects from museums and art galleries. Each entry has its own identification data (name, date of creation, present holder) and a short comment. Another important tool is a vocabulary’ analysis related to fashion and costume, which will be available soon here, the word being a good companion to image in understanding the cultural connections between different South-Eastern countries.

All the entries from the database can be shown if the symbol * is introduced in the search engine. If one looks for a certain topic is enough to type a keyword such as: women, fashion, dress etc. Depending on the original size, the image can be enlarged and studied.

We want to point out that this is an academic result. Therefore, for any use of the materials, one should obtain the written permission of the institution that has that specific item.

This initiative could not have been accomplished without the support of several institutions that gave their permission to use their materials. We gratefully thank them and acknowledge their contribution. Memorabilia will continue to grow and develop during the project. So, keep on following and supporting us.