All the texts submitted as "working papers" respect certain rules and are reviewed by an Academic Advisory Board.

October 5th - 6th --- International workshop "Luxury, Fashion and Social Status in Early Modern South-Eastern Europe"

The texts presented to this scientific event are currently under publication, but there are still available as "working papers". All these papers are going to be peer reviewed by at least two external, foreign evaluators. After the authors will make the necessary adjustments, the texts will be available for the public.

Giulia CALVI, Healing, Translating, Collecting. Doctor Michelangelo Tilli across the Ottoman Empire (1683) pdf

Anastasia FALIEROU, Urban Transformation of the Mytilinian Bourgeoisie. The Case of the Kourtzis Family pdf

Constanța VINTILĂ-GHIȚULESCU, Using Luxury and Fashion for Constructing a Social Status. The Case of Ianache Văcărescu pdf

Mária PAKUCS, Transylvanian Sumptuary Laws in the Early Modern Period. Preliminary Observations on the Idea of Luxury pdf

Michał WASIUCIONEK, Silks and Stones. Fountains, Painted Kaftans, and Ottomans in Early Modern Danubian Principalities pdf

Nicoleta ROMAN, Iordache Filipescu, the ”Last Great Boyar” of Wallachia and His Heritage. A World of Power, Influence, and Goods pdf

Liviu PILAT, A New Episode of the Diplomatic Conflict over Moscovite Fur and Moldavian-Polish-Ottoman Relations in the Mid-Sixteenth Century pdf

David CELETTI, French Residents in Ottoman Crete: Trade, Diplomacy and Daily Life in the Early Eighteenth Centurypdf