LuxFaSS events

May 11th - 12th

International workshop
Circulation of people, objects and knowledge across South Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean (16th-19th centuries)

European Institute University

Through the prism of objects and material culture, the workshop intends to highlight broad patterns of transregional circulation of people and goods crossing the borders of the Ottoman, Venetian, Russian and Habsburg Empires. The papers will present and discuss a wide variety of unpublished textual and visual sources related to luxury consumption, fashion and dress codes; diplomatic and political exchanges; dowry contracts and travel journals. New light is shed on networks of agents, merchants and diplomats negotiating the self-fashioning of local elites whose identities are shaped by linguistic, cultural and religious practices. The workshop aims at rethinking broader interpretive categories and challenges issues of Ottomanization and Westernization, as well as linear processes of modernization and change.

Organizing Committee
Giulia CALVI
University of Siena/ERC LuxFaSS project – New Europe College. Institute for Advanced Study, Bucharest New Europe College, Bucharest

European University Institute, Florence

ERC LuxFaSS project – New Europe College. Institute for Advanced Study, Bucharest /"Nicolae Iorga" Institute of History – Romanian Academy

An event organised within the ERC-CoG project, no. 646489, Luxury, Fashion and Social Status in Early Modern South-Eastern Europe (LuxFaSS)

LuxFaSS events

October 28th - 29th

International conference Luxury and Consumption in South-Eastern Europe (15th–19th centuries). Methodological Approaches, New Europe College, Bucharest

For the program see here pdf

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July 4th - 5th

International Workshop : People, Trade, Gifts and Beyond: the Circulation of Goods and Practices between the Ottoman Empire and Europe (16th–19th Centuries)

Centre March Bloch, Berlin (Constanța Vintilă-Ghițulescu (PI) was co-organizer with Felicita Tramontana and Rosita d’Amora) For the program see here pdf
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Photo credit: Maria Pakucs

Co-organized scientific meetings by LuxFaSS members

September 14th - 17th

Session in the Second European Convention on Turkic, Ottoman and Turkish Studies (Turkologentag), Hamburg: "Non-Muslims in the Ottoman Empire"

(co-organized by Artemis Yagou, LuxFaSS Senior Researcher)

May 12th - 14th

International colloquium co-organized by Ecole Française de Rome, Società Italiana delle Storiche, Università di Padova, Université Parids Diderot-ICT and Université de Rouen Normandie-GRHis

Rome (co-organized by Giulia Calvi, LuxFaSS Senior Researcher)

Vingt-cinq ans après. Les femmes au rendez-vous de l’histoire, hier et aujourd’hui

March 31st

Session in ESSHC 2016, Valencia: Women, Consumption and the Circulation of Ideas in South-Eastern Europe, XVIIth–XIXth Centuries

(co-organized by Constanța Vintilă-Ghițulescu, LuxFaSS Principal Investigator)